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Joey Tuyaerts shooting in Iceland for the Balkan Nomads and Travelbase

Born and raised by the seaside of Belgium, I was the kid who always felt a deep drive to inspire and ignite excitement. It wasn't long before I uncovered the potency (and enjoyment) of visual storytelling.

During those early stages of creation, I experimented with various art forms and sports, honing a diverse range of skills, realizing later that my passion for filmmaking held the potential for professional growth within a company.

Today, as a Creative Director and full-time Filmmaker, I contribute to the growth of businesses by utilizing my foremost strengths and greatest passions:

To inspire and captivate individuals through the influential medium of cinema and storytelling.

Wesley Belaey shooting with the kinefinity edge and movi pro
Joey Tuyaerts and Roy Mosterd shooting in Iceland for Travelbase
Joey Tuyaerts shooting in Antarctica for Asteria Expeditions


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Who is Stokedhouse?

Stokedhouse is a creative collective known for its willingness to go above and beyond.

We are risk-takers, adventurers, and above all, visual storytellers who live for their craft.

Having traveled from the Arctic to the Antarctic, from Asia to Africa,

we know how to make videos in all kinds of terrains and conditions.


Depending on the scope of the project, your needs, your market, and your people,

we carefully select the team that is needed to complete the job.

How about you?

With so many options to choose from it can get complicated to find the right content creator and commit to a partnership.

Interested in learning more about video production and finding common ground?

Let's meet up, grab a coffee, and talk things over. Simple.

No match, no problem, no charge

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